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Renee Zellweger’s secret

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Zellweger Paid by the Pound

Renee Zellweger is reportedly being paid a $3.2 million bonus to pack on the pounds for her reprised role as Bridget Jones, reports

The petite Chicago star is already on a high-fat diet to achieve the rounder figure needed for the British singleton - and film producers have guaranteed her $US225,000 ($A340,000) for every kilo she manages to put on.
"Renee's getting nearly $15 million for the sequel and the bonus is on top of that," says a source. "She hates gaining weight to play Bridget and knows she's going to have a hard time losing it again."

More on Renee’s weighty issue.

Tiffany speaks: I've heard from a few good sources that Renee is bulimic. If you have any doubts, check out her puffy face and physique in “Chicago.”

I'm sure a high percentage of actresses in Hollywood have eating disorders or disordered eating. We’ve seen enough pictures of them on People magazine. I'm not trying to single out Renee. I believe she deserves the extra *millions* of dollars to gain weight for the sequel to “Bridget Jones Diary,” I really do. Having a full-blown eating disorder means you are at high risk for serious physical ailments. What if Renee had a heart attack in a year? She's made comments in the past that she loves working out for hours, which would exasperate her condition.

What could be crueler than making an actress who weighs no more than 105 pounds gain at least 25 pounds to appear like a "normal” woman? I’ve seen interviews with Renee in the past saying she would be happy to gain back the weight for the role. This article seems contrary to that. I recently revisited “Jerry Maguire” and “Bridget Jones Diary.” Renee was at her most beautiful in these films and she didn’t look emaciated.


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