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Sex and The City part deux

Part of: NYC , Television

I was nice and watched Sex and The City again with my friend who hadn't seen it. She made me dinner (homemade pasta sauce with linguine). I closed my eyes during all the naked Harry (Evan Handler)scenes. Sarah Jessica Parker is such a delight. I love the way she plays Carrie. Her vulnerability in this episode was particularly charming. It's too bad that most of the time her clothing is ugly and not whimsical. The clothes on the show wear the characters, turning them into caricatures. I understand the thrill of watching people wear clothes you would never wear, but couldn't they be in good taste? Anyone have a contrary POV?

The last season of Sex and The City keeps on getting more and more disappointing.There should be some kind of award for having to watch an entire episode with Evan Handler traipsing around naked the whole time. Watching him sit on all the different white furniture in Charlotte's house was grosser than gross. It's not novel to have an unattractive man walking around naked-millions of women see this every day. Come on. Sex and The City is about being beautiful. Show creator, Darren Star, also created Melrose Place. No one on Melrose Place was ever slightly unattractive. Thank God for Blair Underwood on tonight's episode. The last scene of tonight's episode should have featured his naked body.


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