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Braless in the City

Part of: NYC , Rant , Television

The only good thing about “Sex and the City” ending is that I don’t have to see Sarah Jessica Parker wear anymore strapless or strappy dresses WITH a bra. That’s right, with a bra. The last few episodes, her bra sightings were at an all time high. Sarah Jessica was the only actress on the show who never showed her breasts. That’s fine and all, but would her character “Carrie” really be showing her bras off all the time, when she wouldn’t even take them off in bed?

I’ve never met a woman who slept in her bra for reasons other than medical. Sarah Jessica had no problem wearing clothes that were so revealing that no one (not even a ho) would wear them on the streets of NYC.

I’d much rather wear a strapless dress--braless--than wear most of "Carrie's" revealing outfits. And I recently did. I bought a fab vintage, black dress and wore it to the opening of a photo exhibit. It did feel weird, but everyone assured me it looked fine. Isn’t the point of wearing a tube top or strapless dress that your breasts hold them up?

I am utterly sick of wearing bras. When I get dressed in the morning, I now try my tops on without a bra first. I am so unused to not wearing bras, that, in most of my clothes, I don’t like how my breasts look without support. I do have two stretchy shirts that definitely hold me up like a bra. I could go buy some undershirt type thing or a sports bra but these make your breasts look mashed.

I would sometimes go braless in college when I lived in Colorado. One time, I got miffed when I was walking with my cosmopolitan NYC friend in the bar/restaurant part of town. A guy made a comment about my nipples being hard, and I felt violated. My friend, Alicia, (all of 18) said, “Don’t get annoyed. You should just flash him your tits. That’s what I would do.” I had swallowed hard and kept my mouth shut.

Just the other night I was out with a friend who was wearing a lacy tank top au naturel. She admitted, “Now I remember why I don’t like to go braless—guys stare.” My friends’ top was particularly risqué, because if you looked through the lace, you could view half her bosom. To see it, you had to stare. Men stare at women's chests anyway. Does it really make a difference if a nipple is hard under a sheer bra or braless under a shirt?

This was partially inspired by LittleWashu's funny journal entry last month.


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I have read that braless breasts are healthy breasts! While there is no specific information YET, some experts think that there is a link between bras and breast cancer because bras, especially underwire bras, cut off circulation to the breasts. So I go braless as often as possible as well. I am 35 years old and a 38C and proud to be a woman who prefers to go braless.

Go to one of my favorite sites and read about the HEALTH BENEFITS of being brafree.

i never wear a bra and i am 43 years old 5 feet tall 120 lbs and have 40 D's i feel great not wearing one and love the looks in the summer ...i can still turn heads

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