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Part of: Random

I am taking a break for a few days. Will most likely return Monday. Take care.

EDIT: I am still sort of on my *break* but felt like writing tonight.

COPYCATS: I don't know why I still get irritated when people copy my ideas without giving me credit, but I do. I guess I am too sensitive, but it seems weird to me that people who I am even aquainted with, sometimes do this. I'm not claiming to always have original ideas (we all pick up things here and there) but if someone's idea inspires me, I like to credit them.

I know I should be flattered and all that jazz, but it just grates on my nerves. The best example of this is when I wrote a few pieces for Kevin Smith's website, Movie Poop Shoot. Two different writers from the same website copied me. How pathetic is that? My ideas had been done before, "Day in the Life..." and "You Know You're __when..." but these guys copied me within the same week that my pieces came out. I did "Day in the Life of a Hollywood Script Reader." The other writer did "Day in the Life of a Hollywood Screenwriter." My script reader was a screenwriter.

I don't even feel like writing about the other incident because it was so stupid. Anyway, to all you copycats, I am watching you. I know.

IN OTHER NEWS: I've lost 10 pounds via the stomach flu from hell...I mailed off my vote-by-absentee-ballot thingy yesterday. (We have this stupid ass recall thing in Cali. My votes will probably not be in the majority.) Oh, I got three parking tickets within two days!

bra vs. au naturel (inspired by LittleWashu, "Sex and the City," etc.)


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