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Part of: Rant , Television

On last week’s “Dead Like Me,” the first scene started out with Georgia ordering Breakfast at Tiffany’s from Tiffany at The Waffle House restaurant. Now what kind of omen was this? If you’ve been reading me for the past two weeks, you’d get this reference.

I can’t stand when people spell out teevee. I’ve only seen people with blogs do this. I find it *highly irritating.*

I believe that it’s time to end people on TV shows or in movies sitting on toilet seats in public restrooms. Come on…no one does this in real life. I’m not even a germaphobe or obsessive-compulsive and this thoroughly grosses me out.

I went to the Japanese market the other day and finally bought savory Pocky—salad and pizza. I don’t really understand why they call it “salad” because it tastes nothing like salad. Pocky are pretzel and biscuit style thin sticks. At least I think the Pretz ones are still Pocky. The regular Pocky is sweet. They even had pumpkin covered pocky. I love pumpkin. If anyone wants to make me their best pumpkin baked goods, feel free. I need to go have some good pumpkin cheesecake very soon. Oh, I also got some tuna sushi made with organic rice. I didn’t get my favorite chocolate filled koalas. They are so cute, but I was staying away from chocolate.


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