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Ice, Ice, Baby

Part of: Food , LA , Slice of Life

Breakfast: pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup

[Note: I don’t always feel like explaining everything (or copy editing or proofreading), so I do links.]

Monday I had the best frozen yogurt in Pasadena at “21 Choices Frozen Yogurt,” except there are only two stores: Pasadena and Claremont. It was beyond sweltering outside and I was walking along Colorado Ave. checking out the shops. Usually I only eat ice-cream, but I had seen the store before and was curious about its popularity. Today I decided to take the plunge.

I was shocked when I realized the place was like “Cold Stone Creamery” sans ice-cream. I’ve only eaten at “Cold Stone” once and overdid it—mixing coffee and cookie dough with my vanilla. It was too sweet and there was too much going on.

At “21 Choices” they have 6 different daily flavors, plus the million toppings you can mix in. It was a toss up between Kahlua and Cream and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. I went with the latter because I plan to O.D. on pumpkin while I still can. The season is short. There was real pumpkin blended into my yogurt. I think it ruined any lingering infatuation I had with regular pumpkin ice-cream. However, there definitely was no cheesecake flavor to speak of. I still haven’t had pumpkin cheesecake this season. Don’t worry, I will.

I sat on one of the benches that lined the window and watched people. I was kind of bummed I hadn’t gotten a cone. It’s so much more fun and tactile to have to lick your ice-cream/yogurt. Summers in NYC, my roommate and I would get soft-serve ice-cream in a cone and walk around. Yeah, a lot of guys made comments.

You know how there was that which-Starbucks-coffee-are-you game? Tres boring. It’s much more interesting watching people order yogurt and mix weird ingredients.

I had gotten a really small cup and was tempted to get another one, just so I could watch people and be inconspicuous. But I didn’t want to risk stomach pain, so I refrained.

I noticed that fresh strawberries were often chosen to be mixed with vanilla or berry yogurt. I like how they named vanilla, “French Vanilla” and chocolate, “European Chocolate.”

Then there were the crazy concoctions.

My favorite was when an adorable boy, Dante, came in and wanted pink frozen yogurt with pink and white animal crackers mixed in. While his dad was paying, he asked for some rainbow sprinkles and got a free cupful. I wondered if he would grow up and wear pink shirts.

A guy I was friends with, once admitted that pink was his favorite color. He pointed at a pink dress shirt in the window of a chi-chi store. I didn’t really know what to make of it. He was sensitive. I know I’ve never gone out with a guy who wore a pink shirt, though one might have owned one. I don’t think a lot of guys look good in pink.

[100 words--Where the ending should be]


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