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Pre Law and Order etc.

Part of: Slice of Life

I am in a non-political mood. I go on hiatus from the news sometimes. Not that I often write about politics here-- I don’t-- but if Saddam were indeed in the U.S, I wouldn’t know. The cover of The New Yorker this week has our prez riding a horse with blinders on. It made me laugh.

Instead of reading the news, I enjoyed the perfect So Cal sunny Sunday. Tried a new ginger brew, Blenheim (from pure natural spring water)—the best I’ve ever had. Yes, I am a sucker for cool packaging. Ginger was in a 12oz. clear glass bottle with frosted white writing. I salivated over a huge piece of pumpkin pie the guy in front of me was buying. Unfortunately, he didn’t offer me any. I couldn’t spoil my appetite with a whole piece. I was having fresh lobster for dinner. The last time I had lobster was on my birthday. The day and a half fresh lobster was better. It was in fact sublime, and my stomach didn’t freak out.

I tried to figure out what to wear to my Mediation today. I bought a feminine, satin skirt with an animal print. A lot of the time, I think animal prints are cheesy on me, but there are exceptions. The skirt was in jungle colors. There’s something not quite right with its fit, so I’m taking it back.

I also bought a pair of black cords from The Gap—they are so cute. When my friend, A, was visiting from NYC, she said they were all sold out there. A said they fit really well.

If I gain five pounds, I think they’ll still fit, because they are stretchy. I can’t fit into 95% of my wardrobe, so I’m so happy to have another pair of pants that fit. I’m going to wear them with stiletto boots and a Chinese style top to a party I’m going to Thursday night.

For my Mediation, I decided to wear a yellow-green Michael Stars shirt with cap sleeves and a black skirt. I will wear my funky black Mary’s Jane’s. I’m happy with my choices.

I called my lawyer, C, a week ago to see when I could schedule for my prep. He said I didn’t have to, I was so relieved. C has the worst cramped office. The furniture looks like it was stolen from the ‘80s and you know how I feel about fluorescent lighting.

When I first came to the office, I thought the main lawyer, P, was going to represent me, not an associate. P has a gigantic, imposing office. Oh, well. I guess it’s not the office that makes a man. I asked C some questions.

“Do I have to dress businessy?”

“Ah, no. It’s casual, “C said, like the mediation was a party.

The mediation was going to be in a court house a few blocks from the ocean. Maybe I should wear a sarong and bikini top.

“Oh, that’s good. What do I have to do?”

“Oh, you don’t have to do anything, but I still want you there. You can add to some things, if you want.”

Why hadn’t I called C earlier? I wouldn’t have had to waste time worrying about the mediation. I am getting better at worrying less and all, but still.

The Mediation better not take much longer than an hour. My friend from Philly is in town. I already have to miss a lunch--damn Mediation.


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