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Rabbit Food

Part of: Food , LA , Seinfeld-esque , Slice of Life , Television

Breakfast: Rice Crispy Treat

My sweet friend, J, had me over for homemade asparagus soup last night. I ate it, despite the fact that I knew my cold would break because of the cream. And it did. I had been eating vegetables all day and my nose was doing okay.

One of my bosses had even made fun of me when I started eating my organic celery sticks, “You’re eating rabbit food.”

Do rabbits even like celery? Boss usually eats almonds for her snack. Wouldn’t these be in the same genre of health food?

Boss was excited that I was going to have asparagus soup, “I love asparagus! You know it’s a diuretic.”

Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind the next time I need to lose some water weight immediately.

Boss went on, “It makes your pee smell, too.”

I had wrinkled my face. I hadn’t known about that pee thing previously. Now I was ruined.

After dinner, and being force-fed two episodes of "Days of our Lives", J and I watched an early studio copy of the show “Arrested Development” that I had on DVD. J loved it and I was intrigued. I’m happy to know that there are going to be at least two quirky network shows coming up, “A.D.” (Nov.2) and “Wonderfalls”. The latter I’ve only read one episode of, but it looks promising. "Wonderfalls" is by the same guys who do "Dead Like Me" for Showtime. I'm a fan of the show, though I think the family storyline is stupid.

FYI: I don’t do any TV or movie reviews, or work for any of the studios, so my opinion is 100% unbiased.


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