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A Vaguely Political Entry

Part of: Politics

Breakfast: Maple Buckwheat Flakes with Oat Milk

I don't really write about politics here anymore. I did on my old blog quite often. (It's great if you're a comments whore.) I also take breaks from reading and debating with people about them. News still infiltrates me, so it's not like I'm sticking my head in the sand.

I was just reading Libertarian's blog, which I always learn a lot from and am provoked by--but I was a bit shocked by this quote:

"Psychiatry has become a tool in the hands of the state to prosecute and/or confine innocent citizens on the word of these modern-day shamans."

(You should go and read his whole post. Libertarian is a very sharp guy, though he blogs anonymously.)

I've never heard someone call a psychiatrist a modern day Shaman. In fact, I see these professions as polar opposites. Also, Shaman's are alive and well, so psychitrists can't be modern day versions of them. I definitely do not agree with certain views Libertarian has, but this quote was probably the one that's been the most provocative. The fact that I'm writing about it here is huge.

Shaman - Part priest, part sorcerer, magician and seer, healer, prophet, male or female, shamans can enter into a state of trance, travel beneath the sea or among the stars to the northern lights, transform themselves into wolves, seals or monsters, call upon benevolent spirits and fight to the death against malevolent ones, exercise justice, heal the body and save the soul, condemn, forgive, take or give life. Mediums, sages and sorcerers, they act as intermediaries between the world of the living and the supernatural world of shadows and spirits.

Psychiatrist-A medical doctor who has specialized in psychiatric medicine. Psychiatrists can further specialize into treating children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics. Psychiatrists traditionally spend the majority of their professional time in providing diagnostic and prescriptive services. Psychiatrists prescribe medications to alleviate psychological complaints and behavioral symptoms. A few Psychiatrists also provide psychotherapeutic services. Psychiatrists often work with other mental health professionals, to provide an on-going individual, couple and family therapies. Psychiatrists refer clients to Psychologists for psychological testing.

I do not work in the law profession or know anyone who has witnessed psychiatrists wrecking havoc in the courtroom. I'm sure it happens on occasion, but wonder if there's really a crisis in the UK. Reading the short article that Libertarian linked to did not convince me of anything. I thought it was rather fluffy.

I do believe if there were no psychiatrists around, there would be more people commiting crimes and suicide.

I've had a few good friends with more serious mental health issues-- such as being diagnosed with having a personality disorder. If they weren't on medication, some of them would not be able to function very well and would be a hindrance to themselves and others. And just because someone is on medication doesn't mean they are 100% cured or normal. As one of my friends who works in the mental health field recently said, "People still have their personality. Medication doesn't cure a bad personality." One can dream, though...

I'm getting great comments nn this post, so rather than write more, I urge you to check them out.

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