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Omarosa! Omarosa! Omarosa!!!

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I know a lot of you think I'm constantly out partying in Hollywood. However, I passed up the "Kill Bill 2" premiere last night at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Instead, I feasted on sashimi and sushi at Hide on Sawtelle.

Why? So I could watch the season finale of "The Apprentice" with Very Successful Business Man on his plasma TV.

BTW: Plasma TV's make stick skinny actresses look hefty.

Coming Soon:

My last thoughts on this season's "Apprentice" and tales of my first French 1 class. Yes, I am voluntarily taking French, so I can get closer to my goal to be fluent in several languages.

Read Now:

*Bruce Eric Kaplan's funny piece about journaling pictures instead of words and a few anecdotes from entertainment industry assistant hell. (via

* Most music journalism bores me, so I was pleasantly surprised when I read longtime music critic, Sasha Frere-Jones's well-written piece on Norah Jones in The New Yorker. I spoke with Sasha a few times when I worked at Mute Records in NYC, but never met him (which seems pretty impossible). Sasha also has a blog.

*Speaking of music journalists, Marc Weisblott informed me the other day that his *new* blog and archives can be found here. More news on Weisblott coming soonish...


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