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Celebrity Mole

Part of: Hollywood , LA


Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, toasted english muffin and breakfast potatoes with grilled onions and green peppers

My older married friend, Susan, dined across the way from Cindy Crawford one recent Sunday at The Paradise Cove Café in Malibu. Susan reported back to me:

“Cindy was with her kids and probably her nanny, but she was very attentive. Cindy was wearing no make-up and still looked amazing. She was wearing a 'Juicy Heiress' baby-T shirt—that was kind of yucky.”

I explained to Susan that “Juicy” is a trendy brand.

“Anyway, she was eating what appeared to be Huevos Rancheros ravenously. And definitely liked that people were staring at her.”

I love models that eat. It’s so refreshing.

Susan paused. “But her mole. It was huge! I don’t see why she wouldn’t have it removed.”

I flashed back to the farewell party for “Sex and the City” I’d gone to. My friend Alyssa had confided, “I can’t watch this interview with Sarah Jessica Parker. That mole is disgusting. It’s usually covered with make-up.”

Cindy and Jessica’s moles do not disgust me. These women are positive role models for young girls because they’re comfortable with their moles and don’t cover them up 100% of the time. I don’t want to start seeing “Extreme Makeover” people also wanting their moles removed. The next trend will be removing birthmarks. Of course people should have melanomas removed, so don’t think you can use my argument as an excuse.

Pepito writes:

Having a slight proclivity for chin dots, as I like to call them, I do in fact find them to be quite sexy. It was often a suspicion on my part that it was no coincidence that both Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker had them. I was more than suprised that anyone could view them as disgusting however. I, in fact welcome the readers of my blog to send in pictures of their chin "dots" that are displayed on my online diary's sister site. Appropriately named The Chin Dot. In some cases I believe that a chin dot even does so much as to enhance the beauty of a woman. But alas, there again we have opposite sides of the plane here I suppose. One in which on my side are those who adore the mole and those on the other who are abhorred by it. Anyway I very much enjoy your writings Tiffany, as they open up to me a side of Los Angeles that I've never known.
Pepito writes back:
I had meant to write in apology for emailing my inane bungle. Since you've extended such a nice gesture of posting it, I figure I may as well send the forgotten link Pepito Smith

Candy writes:

For clarification, Tiffany darling, the correct term is "beauty mark," particularly when describing my left cheek.

|G| writes:

At what point did a Beauty Mark become a Mole? I mean... sure the "Austin Powers" mole wasn't that appealing... but then again, that was on Fred Savage. I think they're cute and add spice to a face. I approve. Yes, they'll do nicely.


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