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Hollywood Quote/News Du La Semaine

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Updated I realized that this post was too insider and edited it.

Breakfast: Glazed donut, coffee and egg/cheese on a roll

Re: programming

"HBO are starfuckers now..."

--from a producer (not the one I met with)

Hollywood Agency Assistant Tip from BAT:

I don't advocate being a kiss-ass, because I never am. (I don't think entertainment industry people respect you for it anyway.) However, when you are dealing with the accounting department of a studio never ever say anything even slightly derogatory or snippy to anyone.

Hollywood Politics 101-

Via Zap2it:

Fans of FOX's "Arrested Development" are a dedicated lot, even if Nielsen ratings suggest they're merely an astute minority. Mitchell Hurwitz's dysfunctional comedy has friends in the Hollywood Foreign Press, admirers in the critical community and passionate devotees on message boards all over the Internet. In the weeks leading up to FOX's announcement of its fall (and summer and winter) schedule, all of those partisans were nervous that their love wouldn't be enough to save the show. It turns out that they need not have worried. When FOX presented its new roster to advertisers on Thursday (May 20), "Arrested Development" was in place for its second season. In fact, FOX Entertainment President Gail Berman swears that the series' future was never in doubt.

"It is beloved by every person working at the network," Berman says proudly. "It was one of those things that when we got into the scheduling room was really a foregone conclusion. It's not often that you have a piece of material that everyone feels so strongly about -- its creative integrity and its groundbreaking nature are all things that we look for on FOX."

Tiffany speaks:

BAT is sure everyone knows how much we love Fox and "Arrested Development," but realize we have not been fair and balanced in our coverage.(We also have taken note that we are way too gay male blog friendly. We will give some links to groovy lesbians blogs we like soon)

Anyway, if something seems too Splenda (TM) sweet in Hollywood it usually is. My insider said "Arrested Development" was indeed in trouble. However, Fox has many deals with Imagine Entertainment (they produce AD--Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's company), so of course "Arrested" was loved by everyone and was never really in trouble.

Note: We don't care about any of this because we love AD beyond--well, we would possibly give up ice cream for it.


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