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Amazing Race

Part of: Random , Television , Travel

Breakfast: Balace Bar (honey peanut)

I am mentioned as a possible "Amazing Race" teammate for Robofrost.

Tiffany Stone — Pros: Loves to travel. Multilingual. Useful experience navigating urban sprawl and bumper-to-bumper L.A. traffic; likely skilled at reading maps, deciphering directions and finding shortcuts. Could sweet-talk and charm girly foreign men into doing us favors to get a leg up on the competition. Observant. Able to power down mass quantities of exotic food and drink as necessary. Book smart and well read. In shape. Fantastic conversation during long airplane flights and bus rides. Cons: Petite; utterly useless lugging 55-pound slabs of meat a half-mile. Will demand regular martini breaks and burn valuable time looking for places that serve "good" vodka (and will hit me in the arm real hard when I tell her, Babe, there is no "good" vodka in Cambodia). Will be irritated (and possibly surly) about rule prohibiting teams from flying any class above coach. Won't be amused by my incessant requests to play "spin the bottle" with those tiny airline liquor bottles on long airplane flights (much less my cracks about joining the "Mile High Club").

What do you think?


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