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Happy Birthday Paris!

Part of: Hollywood , Paris Hilton

Breakfast: Mango Lassi

And the Most Annoying I-Think-I'm Beyond-Hot-Actress Poll winner is...Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton: 70%
Catherine Zeta Jones: 21%
Sarah Michelle Gellar: 6%
Scarlett Johansson: 3%

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I know most of you are shocked that I found a good picture of Paris Hilton (even without her nasty hair extensions!) but I copied it from an invitation I received to one of her many birthday parties. Her birthday isn't officially until February 27th, but this media darling obviously needs more exposure. Speaking of being overexposed, Miss Hilton, in the past, reportedly fondled Tara Reid's breasts in a *real* girlfriend kind of way. Funny, I just read here yesterday that Paris said she'd rather sleep with Jennifer Aniston over Brad Pitt. I actually don't find the idea of Paris being bisexual shocking. After all, every attention whore in Hollywood swings both ways.


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