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Tiffany's European Vacation- Part 1

Part of: Hollywood , Travel

People do drugs in Europe and the U.S...

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The U.S. tries its hardest to hide the drug innuendo in this poster.

Doesn't "high times" mean fun times? But real stoners must know about the magazine "High Times," so we'll get the hardcore stoners.

Image Hosted by

The U.K. acknowledges drug culture in this poster for the same film.

Every stoner knows smoking pot leads to the munchies! Perfect marketing!

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Spain makes the U.K look like a prissy and the U.S. look like a nun with this poster. Tell it like it is, man.

Translation: Two Dudes (?) Smoke a lot.

Shit...where is my weed?

Picture of a pot leaf on shirt: Smoking Makes You Really Hungry

This proves that somewhere in the world there is still truth in advertising. Don't you just love good old carefree and liberal U.S.A.?


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