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Breakfast at Barney's - The Aftermath

Part of: Food , Hollywood , LA , Television

[Breakfast: 1 1/4 buttermilk pancakes and half of a chicken apple sausage]

After the trip to Barney’s, I left DK to try on his shirts (he’s obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror) and went for a walk around Santa Monica. Around Shutters, I noticed a man in a sage green suit decorated with large black question marks. There was something familiar about him. I realized that he was Matthew Lesko from the really obnoxious infomercial that sells books on how to get money from the government for free!!! In his infomercial, Lesko wears a suit that’s half-yellow and half-black with black question marks on the yellow side and yellow question marks on the black side. I thought that he was a freaky, annoying scammer until I read this article on him. Lesko actually parted ways with the Home Shopping Network risking losing millions of dollars after they gave him an ultimatum to retire his wacky suits (yes, he has a whole collection of them). Harvard has also praised Lesko for his amazing marketing and branding skills. However, whether the information in his books makes people rich is questionable. As I walked past Matthew, I stopped and asked him if he wanted me to take him to the Barney’s sale. Instead, he sold me his book. Damn salesmen.

After my walk, DK and I went to tea at the Tudor House in Santa Monica. The scones are particularly good there (especially with the Devonshire cream and raspberry jam), because they are light and fluffy, unlike the hockey puck consistency of what most Americans consider scones. This is a great secret place where the clientele is often English. I don’t know why English tourists go there. (If I were visiting, I’d head to the Huntington Gardens Tea Room in Pasadena. Sure the Tudor House is better, but the gardens at Huntington are amazing.) The Tudor House regulars who all know each other are so cute, as are the young couples and girlfriends. That day was particularly entertaining because we saw Rachel Hunter (who DK does not consider a supermodel) outside. I’ve seen Rachel around town over the years and she’s always looked kind of rough. This time she looked good despite being too tan.

The most entertaining moment of the day was when an older (but not old) couple stole a tea pot off of a neighboring table that hadn’t been cleared yet--to get your own pot is a whopping $2.50. The sassy waitress we love remarked to them later, "I’ve seen every trick in the book." The best thing about the place is that there’s a huge sign outside asking for cellphones to be turned off inside the tea room. Where else in LA can you have a great time listening to classical music with no cellphones ringing. It’s great. However, if the thought of afternoon tea seems weird and icky, check out the store there which has a better selection of English candy bars than any store I’ve been to in London. How could one not love tea, scones and finger sandwiches?


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