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Paris Gives Good Hand

Part of: Gossip , Paris Hilton

[Breakfast: toasted pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese and a latte]

With Paris Hilton it’s hard to figure out if most of her image is contrived. On one hand, I can imagine Paris looking at herself for hours in the multiple mirrors at her Hollywood Hills castle figuring out new looks and poses. On the other hand, it takes a true chameleon and savvy PR person to engineer an entire public persona. But it’s true that you can tell a lot from a handshake, and Paris has one of the most interesting handshakes I’ve come across. She puts her hand out in the classic you-can-kiss-my-hand pose. I know you’re thinking WTF? that’s not a handshake. Oh, but it is, and it’s tres effective. One would think that Paris would do this in her girlie girl manner and perhaps not even shake ones hand but drop it—the equivalent of an air kiss. Or perhaps she would do this as a real handshake, but in a very delicate (for anyone else I would say limp) manner. But no, neither is true. Paris gives a firm handshake. This means that her handshake trumps every other kind of handshake that I’ve experienced. Paris’ handshake says that she may come off as a girlie girl but she’s smart and in control too. Or in Hollywood terms that she’s like any other smart actress: a manipulative egomaniac. Paris, darling, you truly are fabulous.


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