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Shopping and Drinking in LA--Part 1

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[Rachael's breakfast: The fresh fruit plate at Toast.]

What a lucky girl I am. Back again for yet another guest spot on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If I were anywhere near Ms. Tiffany right now, I swear I would kiss her full on those sexy pouty lips in thanks. (Hot, I know) In case you aren’t in on the skinny, she is one fine chick and smart as a whip. Tiffany was also kind enough to let me [ Rachael ] write a shopping entry for her extra-fab blog...(she flatters me so) so here goes.

Rich or poor, I am here to tell you gals and guys the secrets to looking 'maximum foxy' in Los Angeles--no matter what your budget (oh dear GOD, I think I just wrote a headline for Cosmo.) LA is a town of illusion, and fashion is the tip of that iceberg. It also just plain makes a girl feel good when she knows she looks good. Am I right?

The first tip is to always shop with a good strong buzz on. Post three-hour martini weekday lunch works best for me. (Off hours are also the best time to get personal service in any store) I know that sounds insane, but think about it. Remember when you looked into the mirror at that party after a few glasses of vodka whatevers and thought to yourself "Damn! I look GOOD!" That was because your inhibitions were lowered and there wasn’t anyone there to second-guess you. So every once in awhile shop alone, and shop tipsy. It’s time to rely on your own eyes (blurred vision or not) and not some girlfriend with an agenda, (or - heaven spare us - your "best interests" at heart) and remember: everything (except swim suits and formal wear) can be returned if you get home and realize you may have made a mistake. Try it once and you may surpass yourself by buying something totally unexpected. From experience I can tell you if it weren’t for that free champagne at a store opening, I would never have risked buying a pink, green and brown striped strapless Trina Turk mini dress that I covet to this day. Oh, and as a bonus, booze also renders buyers remorse obsolete. Whoo-hoo!

Speaking of that Trina Turk dress...I should mention that I have never worn it as a dress, because it isn’t one anymore. It’s a top. Thanks to Gustavo (Westwood Blvd., West LA) my tailor extraordinaire. Having a good tailor is the key to happy shopping. My favorite skirt started as a dress. That kick-ass clingy T-shirt? At first, it was an XL men’s jersey. So its not only one of a kind, but fits like a glove. I may be 5’7" and a size 6, but I will buy anything up to a 12 if I think it can be altered. The Fred Segal sale (four times a year) is the best place ever to put this into action. $2700 black leather pants, size 10 (lets face it girls, size 10 ladies don’t tend to shop there, so its a normal girl sizes bargain buffet) with a tiny tear at the seam were marked down to $80 and now their buttery fabulousness grace my bottom a few nights a year. Speaking of tailors, I wouldn’t suggest having things custom made (unless you are in Thailand, where it is super cheap to do that) because that’s when things get pricey, but most alterations (minus leather and really reworking a piece) are super reasonable and worth the price. So get thee to a tailor lady! (And don’t forget to bring the shoes you are planning to wear with the outfit, ya?) It will change your world. Off the rack is so, regular.

Mix and match high end and low. This is especially true for accessories. Changing accessories seasonally can save a wardrobe. Whether you shop at Forever 21 (an excellent resource for wear-it-once-and-toss-it) or Sanctuary you should always find something to jazz up your look.

And now, a few words about sample and warehouse sales. There are a ton in LA and most other major metropolitan areas. I go to some, but for the most part I find they are just a touch over dramatic. What works much better is to just buy basics all year long, and if you are already out and about, never pass a store up just because it may not be your style. Two of my best (and interestingly funky) wardrobe pieces come from Brooks Brothers (pre-The Limited takeover. Gack.) A store even I wouldn’t think I shop in, but I took a risk and it paid off. It’s all about checking things out...

Part 2

Please Note:

Rachael accepted my challenge and came up with her own pumpkin pie recipe (though she didn't invite me over to sample some--beotch!!). I can't wait to try it!


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