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A Fair to Remember

Part of: LA

[Breakfast: TBA]

The American Film Market ended a week ago last Wednesday. I only attended one event. (In the past I’ve gone to some screenings, but most of the films weren’t worth seeing and people pounced on me afterward, thinking that I was a distributor.) The event I chose was at The Santa Monica Pier in the carnival section. But this wasn’t like any normal jaunt to the pier because everything was free. The prized section was roped off and one had to have a wristband to enter. So not only did DK and I not have to pay for rides or games, we also got as much junk food that we could eat for free. For once I didn’t have to pay for overpriced coffee drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I had a bagel with cream cheese and a large chai soy latte.

Next DK and I shared a funnel cake that I washed down with a margarita. I had never heard of a funnel cake before, and it’s the last thing that any actress would eat unless she was bulimic or ate once a day. Imagine a donut stretched out like thick taffy with powdered sugar on top and you have a funnel cake. It was pretty good, but I don’t need to sample another one anytime soon. I was less successful with my game skills, not winning any stuffed animals. It sucks when you see every other person walking around with a huge giraffe or bear. There was even a bin where you could donate your animals to charity. The winners had time on their side, because I’m convinced they arrived when the party began around 6 p.m. I didn’t show up until 8 and the party ended at 9:00.

I was only really motivated to go on the Ferris wheel and roller coaster because I was tired and those are the best rides. The Ferris wheel is scary at night because you are high up over the ocean. I wonder if anyone has ever pushed off their husband/wife and they drowned? I’ll have to research that. If you can’t think of anywhere to throw your next soiree, you too can have all the fun you never had during your horrible childhood for approximately $75,000 for a few hours +. It’s really worth it.


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