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Golden Globes Fashion Wrap: Uncensored

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I watched The TV Guide Channel's "Golden Globes Fashion Wrap" with Joan and Melissa River's which was just as boring as E!'s "Fashion Police". However, this banter between Joan, Jeremy Piven's mother and Jeremy Piven was classic:

JOAN RIVERS (to Jeremy Piven’s mother): "Men who bring their mothers to award shows 3x in a row are definitely G-A-Y. This is number 2."

THE PIV’S MOM: "Well, he’s going to keep on bringing his mother until he gets it right."

JEREMY PIVEN: "I can safely say that I’m straighter than Charlie Sheen in 1987."

Charlie Sheen 1987

Hmm..I can only assume that Jeremy Piven was referring to Charlie Sheen's biggest year of screwing porn stars or something. Maybe "The Piv" should first start doing butcher photo shoots to squash those gay rumors.


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