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Not Ms. Golden Globes

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I don’t understand what happened to Jaime Pressly ("28"). She used to be really pretty. Even DK met her at some Hollywood party ten years ago when she was "18" and thought that she was stunning. Now Jaime looks like a molasses cookie, and she’s a white girl. This can only lead me to the conclusion that she has been tanning for far too many years and it’s taken a toll. You seriously shouldn’t start that trend, because then you get addicted. I’m not addicted or anything—I go like once every 3 weeks, but that’s just to complete my tanning package (I was given it for Thanksgiving). Also, it’s great light therapy for that dreary English weather that we occasionally get in LA. Well, the lesson here is to really protect your face whenever in the sun and this means wearing sunscreen and a hat—boring I know. But if you’re an actress all you have are your looks. I know a guy who briefly dated Ms. Pressly and thought that she was really hot and nice, but beyond dumb so he dumped her. Now that her looks are waning, I hope "My Name Is Earl" takes care of her until she becomes a prune.


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