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-- Gwyneth Paltrow was turned down for a film role when she was 20 because she was too plain. Well, she is kind of plain. How does GP deal with this kind of negativity? She Sees No Evil and Hears No Evil. (Basically, GP loves being in denial). [Female First]

--"The Tyra Banks" show was renewed for another season. Oprah should be scared. [TMZ]

--Donald Trump is pissed to the tune of $5 billion that an unauthorized biography was written about him containing false defamatory statements. He is suing New York Times reporter Timothy L. O'Brien and Warner Books, Inc. If proven guilty, author Timothy L. O'Brien should totally be let go from his day job. [via Drudgereport]

--In China your virginity can get you in the applicant pool to marry a (not quite) billionaire. That’s false advertising—someone should sue.[NYT]

--Supposedly Richard Branson is behind a $1.8m book deal for Kate Moss to write "Confessions of a Coked Out Model". It might even sell more than "Confessions of an Heiress". Watch out Paris Hilton. [The Mirror]

--People want to kill writer Joel "Boring" Stein because he doesn't support people that kill people for a living. [LA Observed]


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