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Want to Dress an Ugly Skank??!

Part of: Brangelina , Fashion , Gossip , LA , Mischa Barton , Paris Hilton

[Breakfast: corned beef hash and a Bloody Mary]

Kimberly Stewart needs your help picking out the perfect red carpet-worthy GRAMMY® gown.

Finally, we get to tell someone just as skanky as Paris Hilton how to dress--even if it's only for one night. Go here to vote.

Kimberly Stewart (n.)

daughter of Alana and Rod Stewart. Occupation unknown. Known party girl, childhood friend and ex-BFF of Paris Hilton. Once engaged to Mischa Barton's grungy boyfriend, Cisco Adler. She recently broke off her engagement to Talan Torrier, hottie from "Laguna Beach" (see MTV). Oh and recently split from Joe Francis, the founder of "Girls Gone Wild". Deeply hurt Jennifer Aniston after being quoted in a tabloid saying Jen was "homely" during the Brangelina scandal (see Vanity Fair July 2006). Caused millions of tabloid readers to go, "Huh? If Jen is homely, then Kimberly is a mutant."


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