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Stoned! on the Weekend

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Lindsay Lohan , Music , Paris Hilton , Politics , Stoned! , Television

[Breakfast: a small Cobb salad and calm Tazo tea]

--Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong have split. You read they were having problems here first. [CNN]

--Corretta Scott King's body is" lying in state" in Atlanta.

Thousands poured into the Georgia Capitol Rotunda on Saturday to pay tribute to Coretta Scott King, the first woman and the first black person to lie in honor in what once was once a seat of segregation. [myway]

--I caught Dave Chapelle on Oprah yesterday. He was sick of the TV biz B.S. and that's why he walked ran away to Africa. Maybe that will stop some of you industry wannabes from writing me. People forget how cutthroat this entire biz is and that people will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Take note.

--Does anyone want to send me a free import CD of the new Richard Ashcroft album? [Popbytes]

--Courtney Love is allowed to leave home now. Back in November after following her stint in rehab, a judge ordered that Love only leave home under 'certain circumstances' like visits to her trainer doctor or probation officer massage therapist. Retail therapy with her daughter was also permitted.[BBC]

--Feminist author, Betty Friedan of "The Feminine Mystique" died on her 85th birthday today of congestive heart failure. [myway]

--Paris Hilton got jealous that Lindsay Lohan lost her diary first, so she told her publicist to spin a story that she had too. I would rather read Lohan's diary. What about you? [Female First]


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