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Diane Keaton's Secret: She's a Mummy!!!

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Diane Keaton is obviously one of the most neurotic actors around. She dresses so that her best body parts are highlighted--not so weird. What is weird, is that literally the only body parts that she likes are her face (omitting her forehead) and legs. I know that it's hard for actors to age, but how fun is to always wear gloves, turtlenecks, and hats? Diane is not just eccentric. She needs to see a shrink badly. As she gets older, her only alternative is to wear a green suit (but in black) similar to the one Ben Stiller wore at the Oscars, or a burkha. Maybe she and Michael Jackson could team up. Diane explained on Oprah last week why she won't do botox or get surgery: "I'd like to go out authentic. I'd like to do that. I'd like to try." I wonder what she thinks is more flattering: cremation or burial? I'm voting for mummification.


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