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Naomi Campbell Arrested

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(Photo: Splash News)

I'm surprised by this news. I really am. After seeing Naomi Campbell on The Tyra Banks show a couple of months ago, I believed that Naomi had really changed. She had made her amends and wasn't the mother of all Diva models anymore. But clearly she is and was just trying to sell her perfume on Tyra's show. That woman has like 6 different fragrances! I had no idea. Poor Naomi's mother recently died from cancer. Maybe that prompted a relapse. More importantly, let's talk about her arrest fashion. That fur poncho that she's wearing signifies guilt because that's what I'd throw on if I knew that I was going to be hanging out in a police station indefinitely. It's nice and cozy like a blanket. It's snow white color says that Naomi wants people to believe she's innocent. She's wearing bitchy black heels, which I would've swapped for flats or sneakers. Also, those jeans are way too baggy. Naomi should've busted out a pair of her super-skinny jeans. The outfit does show that Naomi had no clue that her alleged victim was going to call the police on her. But maybe that's what she wanted us to believe.

TMZ has the latest dirt on Naomi's arrest:

We're told the incident occurred at 8:00 AM EST. The alleged victim, a 41-year-old woman, was struck in the head with an object, allegedly thrown by Campbell. The woman had a laceration on the back of her head. She went to Lenox Hill Hospital for stitches.

In 2000, Campbell pled guilty to hitting former personal assistant Georgina Galanis with a telephone. She was ordered to take anger management classes. In 2001, another former personal assistant, Simone Craig, claimed Campbell threw a mobile phone at her. Campbell denied it and no charges were filed.

Update: 1:45PM ET -- Campbell's rep issued this statement: "We believe this is a case of retaliation, because Naomi had fired her housekeeper earlier this morning. We are confident the courts will see it the same way."

A police source tells TMZ that Campbell will be charged with assault.


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naomi campbell is a hot ghetto mess.

damn jamaicans.

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