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Not America's Next Top Model

Part of: Television

All of the "Next America’s Top Model" judges were raving over Nnenna’s picture this week. So why did Tyra say that Nnenna’s face in this fairytale photo looked mediocre? Perhaps because she looked almost identical to a young Naomi Campbell, Tyra Bank’s archenemy. I also think this factored into Tyra’s decision to give Nnenna a buzz cut during the makeover episode. (Nnenna was wearing a wig for this fairytale photo shoot.) Fortunately the cut only made Nnenna more beautiful.

Here is Tyra's photo from this week. She has to do her own photo shoot each week to show the girls how superior she is at modeling. However, for the fairytale shoot the girls had to do their poses while falling. I wonder why Tyra did her's standing? I guess she wasn't up to the challenge.


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