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Rug Burn and Evangeline Lilly

Part of: Fashion , Television

I really don't find Evangeline Lilly alluring in her heavily publicized carpet ad. It looks like she's unhappy and constipated. What's up with her '80s power hair? It's horrible. And who styled her? The outfit she's wearing is way Eurotrash. The following ad copy reads more like a Nike ad instead of one for an upscale carpet company. (Also, since when is Hawaii an exotic locale?)

"Evangeline always knew she wanted to make an impact. That meant taking her life and career into her own hands. As a young girl, with the thought, 'If I'm going to be important one day, I have to start being important now.' Evangeline's life began to expand. Not unlike her TV character, Kate, she's alluring, courageous and fiercely independent. Her work takes her to exotic locales, allowing her to experience diverse cultures. It is this sense of adventure that forms her unique style. In everything she does, Evangeline makes a statement. Her own."


Doing Coke off of Burberry Rugs


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