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Starring Gretchen Mol as Bettie Page

Part of: Hollywood , Television

I wouldn't have thought of Gretchen Mol as being synonymous with Bettie Page. Gretchen has been around forever, but not as an accomplished actress. Her image has been splashed over glossy magazines as the next starlet for years. I always used to wonder who she was and how she got so much press and who exactly paid for her golden publicist. She's not the type that I imagined was waitressing on the way to being discovered. Sources tell me that she's definitely not as innocent as Bettie Page, but most starlets aren't. One of the few actresses who has that rare combination of sweet and sexy is Liv Tyler who was talked about playing Bettie Page for years. Gretchen Mol does look similar to Page in these photographs (top and bottom right) taken by artist, Jeff Koons. Let's hope she impresses in "The Notorious Bettie Page."

Here are some classic photos of Bettie Page.


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