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The Donald on Britney and K-Fed

Part of: Britney , Gossip
Next time Britney Spears has a baby, she may as well name Donald Trump the Godfather. The Donald had advice for Brit even before she married Kevin Federline. Trump didn’t seem to think that Kev was a good husband candidate.

"I heard Britney Spears is not going to have a prenuptial agreement," he told ET. "She's making a huge mistake. Just a huge, traumatic and potentially ruinous mistake."

Trump recently gabbed some more about the pop star with gossip columnist Jeannette Wells.

“What has happened to Britney?” he asked. “She’s put her very successful career on hold to get married and have a baby. Lots of women do that but there’s something that just doesn’t look right here. The husband? I don’t know. I’ve just never been a big fan. I hope he’s OK. He certainly seems to be spending lots of her money.”

Why does Trump have so many opinions about Brit’s life? He's probably secretly fancied her for years. If Brit gets divorced, maybe Trump could do a reality show with her to find a suitable man.


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