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Guess Who?

Yes, it's Beyonce Knowles (seen here in Goldmember), who seems to be currently going through some wig trauma of her own, on the set of her latest film Dreamgirls, as MSNBC reports:

“The shooting keeps getting delayed because something goes wrong with one of those darned wigs. During a dance routine, Beyoncé was twirling and a fake nail kept getting caught in the wig and it all ripped apart. Another time, some capes were supposed to look like they were elevating, but they were actually being raised by fishing wire, but it got all caught up in her wig. The movie supposedly has a budget of almost hundred million dollars, but you wouldn’t know it by the special-effects budget. I think a huge chunk of it went those wigs.”
Jeez, Queen B, get it together, respect the hair on your head...even if it's not your own. You don't want the film going over budget now, do you? After all, even though your back-end's huge, last thing you need are those damn producers eating it up to get whole, right?

[Special thanks to Mr. Wiggley]




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