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Brit and Kev need to Employ a Nurse

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It appears that Brit and Kev live in another reality where babies that fall from high chairs are magically OK. Good thing that they noticed 6 days after the fall that little Sean Preston was sleeping too long and took him to the doctor. Sean Preston had a minor skull fracture and a blood clot, but he's allright. (Star magazine has the details.) This incident prompted another visit from DCFS as reported by TMZ.

An L.A. County Sheriff's official tells TMZ that the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has closed its investigation into the welfare of Britney Spears' child.The official said that his department accompanied DCFS to Spears' home on April 8, based on a complaint. We asked the Sheriff's rep if DCFS paid a visit because the complaint had merit. He said, "DCFS responds to all complaints." He added that DCFS closed the case on the spot, at the house. According to the rep: "Everyone was fine" so it was "case closed."


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she totally paid somebody off.


britney disgusts me.

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