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Denise and Heather not BFF

Part of: Gossip

Just yesterday DK and I were discussing the details of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's divorce.

"Why would she marry a guy with his history in the first place? Guys like that don't change," I said.

"I'm sure she was in love with him," DK said.

Today I was musing over the fact that Charlie Sheen was the King of Bad Boys when the above picture popped up on People magazine's website of Denise Richards and Richie Sambora together. WTF? I was all for Denise and Heather Locklear getting together for some Wild Things action. After all, they're both hot, were supposedly BFF and both allegedly wronged by their husbands. But for Denise to stab Heather in the back and go out with Richie who isn't even divorced, that's pretty fucking low. It just reaffirms that most actors and actresses are self-centered sluts.


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