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Entourage's Lakers Field Trip

Part of: Gossip , LA , Television

Remember that post I wrote last Wednesday about "Entourage" filming a scene at a Lakers game that night? I was right. Page Six wrote about the details of the scene on Friday.

"JEREMY Piven may not be "hugging it out" on "Entourage" for much longer. We hear that Piven's lovably odious agent character, Ari Gold, could be getting canned by Adrien Grenier's movie-star alter ego, Vincent Chase, in the upcoming season. HBO bought floor seats at last Tuesday's Laker-Warrior game at the Staples Center...The primo seats will be featured in a scene in which Grenier, Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara, Kevin "Drama" Dillon and Kevin "E" Connolly are wooed by a rival agent, played by sexy Carla Gugino - who had a memorable nude scene in "Sin City" and who, we're told, just signed a six-episode deal to appear on "Entourage." Across the court, Piven, who is shown hobnobbing with mega-producer Joel Silver, goes bananas when he sees Grenier being wooed by Gugino. The episode debuts in June. An HBO rep told us, 'We don't comment on plot lines.' "


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Man, lakers tickets for a film shoot? How did they pull that off? I wonder if they went indy style and shot it undercover... I guess they'd kinda have to or else draw the attention of everyone around them.

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