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Michelle Rodriguez is not Lost

Part of: Gossip , Television

I figured out why Michelle Rodriguez would take 5 days of jail over doing community service for her second DUI. She's into bad girls.

Via TMZ:

'Lost' jailbird Michelle Rodriguez is living in a military style dorm with 60 other women accused of all kinds of crimes...

Rodriguez's day begins at 6.30AM with an early morning call from the guards. A simple breakfast of eggs, cereal, meat, tea and coffee is then served to the prisoners in a communal dining area.

After breakfast the women are allowed to share a communal shower to get washed.They are allowed access to a communal recreational area where they can read, play board games (like chess or dominoes) and interact with one another. A television set is also provided, allowing Rodriguez to catch-up on the events in the outside world or perhaps happenings on the latest episode of 'Lost.'

Lunch is served at 12.30PM and consists of a variety of vegetables, fish, meat or chicken with fruit juices, milk or coffee. After lunch, the inmates are allowed out for one hour of exercise in a large outdoor area where they can play games or mingle with one another before going back inside the correctional center, which was built in 1913.Around 1,000 men are housed in adjacent buildings but at no time are they allowed to interact with the women.

A simple dinner is served at 4:00PM consisting of dishes like meatloaf, chicken or pasta with potatoes and vegetables. The inmates are then allowed back into the communal area where they can watch television or play board games before being led back to their dorm for lights-out at 9.30PM. Visits are restricted to Saturdays and Sundays at the facility. Rodriguez is expected to be released this weekend.

It appears that Michelle gets to eat well, exercise and chill out. That does sound nicer than doing 240 hours of community service.


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thats bull..kiss my ass all u michelle rodriguez haterz

leave her alone idiots,nothing better to do then pock on some1 else's life get a real job shes a great actress and that's all that maters not her personla lfe....

michelle is wkd actor man
no-one can hate her
so what man im 16! iv bin arrest twice! asult man asult!
at end of day there paedophiles out there rapist murders and ur pickin on a actor how childish are you! oh miess! im 16! im more matture then yo fake ass! GET A LIFE MIHELLE #1 TILL I DIE TRUSSS! word up to tha gal shes got a life she put her effort into gettin a rly life job where everone eles has stupid jobs like workin at schools n that shes put her self out for the world to enjoy the films shes filmed in
got to say GIRL FIGHT ROCKS! i well want to be a boxer! and that gave me ambitions im now a girl boxer! so f&*k the haters out there UK TILL I DIE MATE TRUST

Nuneaton girl.. NAT!

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