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Mischa Barton is "Marissa"

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Mischa Barton , Television

Mischa Barton can't seem to get away from Marissa and "The O.C." That's because Mischa is Marissa. In this Keds ad, Marissa has clearly run away to New York City and is depressed because she has to wear clothes from The Gap until she finds a Sugar Daddy. In her second ad for Bebe, Marissa is back in The O.C. but trapped. She isn't even allowed out of her gated house to hang out with "Then Real Housewives of Orange County "because Koda isn't the right gated community. Living in a house behind a gate is real status, duh!! Poor Marissa must spend her days entertaining the pretty boys of her new eccentric husband. She's a beard of course. But Marissa is allowed out with bodyguards to go shopping. And no she doesn't wear Keds anymore.


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