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I See Stars

Part of: Gossip , LA

Real Food Daily in West Hollywood and Santa Monica are still great places for star sightings. The one in Santa Monica is right by a Power Yoga studio where a lot of famous people go. Thursday night, DK and I sat near Robert Downey Jr. and his wife. Robert looks pretty rough in real life. He needs the Oprah cam*. The time before that Elizabeth Berkely was there. I’ve also seen her at Blue Plate. She eats really bland/ boring food like plain scrambled egg whites with a side salad. Note to Liz: There’s no point in eating serious rabbit food unless you’re a real movie star.

Saturday, DK and I were shopping at Barneys when we spotted Famke Janssen. First I saw a dog running around and got annoyed. Why do people feel the need to take their yappy dogs with them to a department store? Seriously, I don’t want to watch Famke’s dog or even worse, an average Jane's Boxer take a shit in the middle of my shopping trip. I hate them at restaurants, too. Not that Barneys is the best shopping experience. The cashiers are always nice, but the sales people just stand around talking to each other. Unless they already know you or you’re famous, good luck getting help. Back to the star. Famke is soo tall. She was wearing a pretty Emerald green slipdress that was modern vintage. She was with a grungy guy with lots of facial hair. I think he was one of Daryl Hannah's exes.

Other recent sightings: Linda Gray and Marge Helgenberger at Casa Del Mar. Courtney Thorne-Smith looking too thin at Fred Segal’s baby section in Santa Monica.

*The lighting and cameras on the Oprah show make people look beautiful and young.

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