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--Halle Berry had to act out sex scenes solo for her new movie “Perfect Stranger” when co-star Bruce Willis couldn’t make the shoot. This is the first time that technology has been used for to create a sex scene. Now all actresses have a way out when their jealous boyfriends don’t want them simulating sex onscreen. That sucks. [The Sun]

--Britney Spears needs to invest in some birth control, or better yet, kick the sperminator to the curb. There’s no way that K-Fed is going to be able to give his kids enough attention. The confirmation of Brit’s second child makes K-Fed the proud stoner papa of 4. His ex and mama of his other two children, Shar Jackson will gift the couple with a car seat. How precious. [Fox]

--Execs at Ne-Yo’s music label must be happy for free publicity. After getting enough signatures on seatbelt petitions for a sponsored contest by WKQI-FM and Japanese seat belt and auto parts maker Takata Corp, the winning Catholic school kids will not get a free concert by Ne-Yo. The school’s principal found some of Ne-Mo’s lyrics unacceptable and canceled the contest won by her school. The runner-up school now gets the concert. That’s whacked. [AP]

--Pearl Jam is touring again and getting all political and charity minded. They are totally against the Iraq war and have promised to give a buck for every ticket sold to a local charity. They still rock, too.[My Way]

--Apparently the police in Cannes, France have it rough. They will be striking during the film festival next week. But it won’t be a problem since national police will be protecting the important people at the festival. At least that’s what the town hall’s spokesman said. Cool, now I can crash some of those events that a blogger would never be able to get into. Ahhahaha. [My Way]

--I’ve always liked Ali Larter. Sometimes I’ve wondered whatever happened to that hot seemingly non-diva actress who got famous overnight for appearing on a magazine cover. I even sat next to Larter at Doughboys a few years ago. Now she will join the cast of “Resident Evil 3” along with the alumni Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr and Mike Epps and newcomers Ashanti and Chris Egan. [Reuters]


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