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--I know you've been dying to see the English teaser trailer for "Casino Royale." Daniel Craig doesn't even have to say he's James Bond. The haters must be royally pissed. Click here to check it out.

--Britney hired another babysitter for Kevin, because she doesn’t have time to be his ball and chain 24/7. Oh, and his old babysitter quit because he was sick of getting contact highs from K-Fed. [MSNBC]

--Jill Soloway's mother, Elaine Soloway, wrote a memoir just in time for Mother's Day. No Mom could resist a book named The Division Street Princess. I'm going to buy it to understand Jill Soloway's wackiness. Buy it here now.[Soloway Now]

--Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are on friendly terms again. (Kate had made catty comments regarding Sienna’s Vogue magazine cover and breakup with Jude Law.) Sienna and Kate were seen chatting away at a recent fashion show. That’s just the drugs talking. [The Mirror]

--Ralph Lauren is going to prep up Wimbledon by designing clothing for all on-court officials. This includes umpires, ball boys and ball girls. Don’t get jealous. The uniforms will be available to buy online and at select Ralph Lauren stores after June 6. [Female First]

--Larry David finally gave away his Prius for his wife’s global warming cause. He didn’t really want to, but Laurie David gets what she wants. [USA Today]

--Paris Hilton and Matt Leinart are still denying that they are a couple, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. WTF? Like anyone alive doesn’t believe they’ve been fucking for weeks.


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