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Fashionista Du Jour

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It's bikini season and there have been tons of pictures of actresses in bikinis on the Web and in magazines. Most of these actresses look like crap in bikinis because they're too thin. They tend to be flat-chested or have fake breasts. I'm not against flat-chested women who are naturally less endowed, but a lot of these Hollywood starlets starve their breasts and asses away. I do not need to see another picture of Lara Flynn Boyle in a bikini in this lifetime. People have speculated that Joss Stone has lost weight, but I don't think she has. Her body is slender yet curvy which is tres refreshing. I don't usually like white bathing suits on white chicks unless they're tan, but Joss looks pretty good in hers. White in general looks much better on darker skinned people--remember that. I don't know why Joss is wearing earrings and a necklace on the beach if she's swimming. The necklace alone would work. The cool thing about Joss' suit is that it fits her. Women with smaller breasts often wear bandeau tops that are gathered in the middle. These are not flattering.

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