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Free Gift

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[Breakfast: a banana with peanut butter and Smart water]

Yes, I'm still writing about my trip to Europe, so don't think I forgot about it. I previously wrote about my favorite UK candy bars, but if you look at what's under the candy bars, you'll notice the June issue of Harper's Bazaar. But it's not just a magazine. Under the plastic that it's wrapped in is a free gift: an Anya Hindmarch black patent leather makeup bag. The bag also comes in beige and green. Supposedly Anya is a big UK designer based out of London. I'm not particularly a fan of Harper's Bazaar, but I really wanted the free bag. The most common free gifts with magazines seem to be tote bags, flip flops and chick lit. My In Style came with some ugly floral flip flops. I left them on a chair in the Heathrow airport to see if anyone would take them. A few women looked at them, but by the time DK and I left for our flight, no one had taken them. I was annoyed with the British addition of In Style because they had recycled some of the American version's stories. I also bought a magazine called New Woman that I'd never heard of, just for a free pair of metallic flip flops. The magazine's name was very cheesy, but it's now one of my favorite UK magazines. It's a chick magazine with attitude. I always buy British Vogue and usually Elle, but I don't think they ever give free gifs. It's too bad that American magazines don't follow suit.

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