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Paris is off Fur

Part of: Fashion , Music , NYC , Paris Hilton

Those PETA people have been busy lately. First they went after Beyonce at Nobu in NYC after winning an Ebay contest to dine with her. Wait, it doesn't really make sense that they won the contest--what are the odds--and wouldn't someone from Beyonce's camp do a background check on them before allowing them to dine with her? Someone working for Beyonce must be a spy for PETA! That makes sense.

The newest PETA incident stars Paris Hilton and Heather Mills. They were supposedly hanging out at Mills' house making out (I wonder which one and if Paul McCartney was there?) and she played a scary PETA video for her. Paris had no clue that skinning animals was so gruesome and quit fur on the spot. Mills told Hilton that "going the fake fur route wasn't foolproof, because some high-end department stores labeled certain garments 'artificial fur' when in fact they were the real deal." That's a dumb thing to say because you could clearly tell from the price of a jacket or coat if it was fake fur or the real deal.

Paris' rep, Elliot Mintz, told TMZ, "Paris does not wear fur, nor will she wear fur described as artificial fur knowing it came off the backs of animals." Mintz say he and Hilton are "greatful to Heather for educating us on this terrible subject."

That quote is totally laughable. I've never heard of artificial fur coming off the back of animals. Maybe some furriers go into toy stores and kidnap stuffed animals for their fur.


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