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Alison Kelly vs. Elisha Cuthbert

Part of: Fashion , Television

Alison Kelly is one of the fashion designers on Project Runway: Season 3. I was trying to figure out which actress she reminded me of and then realized it was Elisha Cuthbert. Alison needs to learn how to pose in pictures because her pictures on Bravo's website aren't cute. Obviously Elisha Cuthbert is...

..cuter but Alison is pretty cute and designs decent clothes, though I didn't like the first dress she designed for the challenge last night. It sounds like Alison comes from a wealthy family considering that she’s gone to school in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico (a cool multi-cultural, artsy community) where she studied at the Institito de Allende. She also studied in Florence Italy at Lorenzo de Medici Scuola de Arte before graduating from Massachusetts College of Art. Oh, and she's from Cape Cod.

Alison has her own label and has collaborated with people like Fred Segal, so she’s well-connected and seems to have worked hard at getting there. But what’s the deal with her voice? It sounds like she has a fake accent that you can't pinpoint like that scary guy on the show, Malan Breton. I'm not even going to post a picture of him because he scares me too much. He reminds me of one of those guys that get caught trying to impersonate a wealthy person and embezzles money from other wealthy and famous folks and then kills the person who discovers that he's a fraud. Vanity Fair likes to write articles about those types of guys. We’ll see…


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