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Bag Ladies

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Kate Bosworth , Television

The good thing about this trend is that even the financially challenged can do it for almost no money. To achieve Kate Bosworth's look go to a vintage store and buy a taffeta skirt that's three sizes too big. Then go to Forever 21 or your local cheap trendy store and buy a nude sleeveless top. Don't worry if the skirt is too big because the other trend that's in is cinching a belt anywhere between under your chest to your hips. Alicia Silverstone's look is even easier and you can wear it if you're pregnant or have gained some weight that you're trying to hide. You can literally ask your grandmother if she has a nightgown like this one in her closet. If you can't luck into a free nightgown dress don't fret, your local used clothing store will have something close enough for under $15. Eva Mendes’ dress is by Juicy but looks like a rip-off of a Chloe Dao dress (Chloe won Project Runway last season). I’m sure Chloe sells it for less. Calista Flockhart’s dress is something you could have a friend sew for you. It’s also possible that someone you know has it in their closet left over from the mid-‘90s.

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