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I know you're all probably like, who the hell is Monet Mazur? If you have cable then you must have seen her at some point in that horrible movie called Torque. I remember her best from a Jane's Addiction concert on Halloween that I saw and had backstage passes to when I lived in NYC. Monet was wearing a black leather jumpsuit because she was dressed up as a cat. She was Dave Navarro's girlfriend at the time and a model. What's really weird is that we went to elementary school together. I didn't know Monet because she was older, but I was jealous of her because she had this gorgeous French name and always wore clothes by Guess? (BTW, and she was chunky at the time, not model skinny.) Apparently Monet is now on a TV show called Capital Law, is married, and has a one-year-old son. Oh, and she wore this cute dress that I'd buy in black if I could afford it.


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