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Heidi Klum is a Cheap Bitch

Part of: Fashion , Television

[Breakfast: cold pizza and green tea]

I hope you all watched my favorite reality TV show last night, Project Runway. It's amazing that Heidi Klum has a show about critiquing fashion designers considering how poorly she can dress. And WTF was up with her hair at the beginning? It was half braided. She’s trying to be model ghetto fabulous now. That dress that she wore to the Project Runway: Season 3 premiere party is one of the ugliest ones I've ever seen. The fabric is something a bridesmaid would wear circa 1982. But worse than that was the fact that she toasted season three’s new designers with cheap champagne. Not only was it cheap but it was flat. As a champagne semi-expert, I could tell by the way the cork popped that it was bad champagne. Heidi should be very ashamed.

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