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Movie Star Freak

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Paris Hilton , Sienna Miller , The Olsens , Trick Or Treat

Remember when actresses looked hot in movies? Most of the movie stills I've seen lately have all shown pretty actresses in wacky costumes. WTF is Lucy Liu wearing in Watching The Detective? She's supposed to be playing a femme fatale but looks like Pippi Longstocking meets Paris Hilton The logline for Camille starring Sienna Miller is: A twisted honeymoon adventure about a young couple on their way to Niagara Falls. Maybe the costume designer suggested that the whole movie should be a dream sequence so that she/he could design bizarre costumes and even paint a white horse blue. Poor horse. Amy Adams looks like she's a teenager dressed up in a nightgown instead of a princess in Enchanted. Those white jazz shows are particulary heinous. I hope...

...that Mary-Kate Olsen wasn't the inspiration for those.

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