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Puff the Magic Dragon

Part of: Gossip , Music

Sean Combs was allegedly in a huff Sunday afternoon when a passerby didn’t call him by his nickname du jour, Puff.

While Puffy and his posse waited for the light to cross, maybe over to Trump International or Time Warner Center, a pedicab driver wearing a yellow SpongeBob T-shirt, a red and white Santa hat and black bike tights, yelled out, 'Hey, P. Diddy, how about ride, help the working man out?,' " our spy reports. "Puffy replied, 'I always help the working man out. And it's Puff, brother!' [via Page Six]
Sure this news broke a couple of days ago, but it dawned on me last night that Puff could be smoking too much weed and was listening to the song Puff The Magic Dragon. You know he totally thought it was a druggie song and that’s why he changed his name. Contrary to popular belief the song is about the loss of childhood innocence and not marijuana. That’s tres boring.

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