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The Devil Wears Banana

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood

[Breakfast: 1/2 onion bagel with cream cheese and an iced latte]

Yay, time for more Anne Hathaway bashing! Now she's all bent out of shape because she thinks that when people call her a "regular" girl they're calling her "fat" even though she's a size 4.

"It does kind of bother me when people come up and say: 'It's so refreshing to see someone regular in Hollywood.' I'm like: 'What does that mean?' I don't want to be the regular girl because that's a code word for fat by the Hollywood system," quotes her as saying. [via Digital Spy]
Anne Hathaway needs to stop being so paranoid. When someone calls her a "regular" girl they mean girl next door. That means she's plain pretty instead of stunning, sweet instead of edgy, and virginal instead of slutty. FYI Anne, just because you got naked a couple of times in movies doesn't mean you can lose your "regular" girl label.

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