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A Hollywood Mug

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood

Mel Gibson’s mug shot looks more like an actor’s headshot. Notice how the lighting is actually good—not quite ‘Oprah good’— but way better than any other mug I’ve ever seen. Gibson obviously had time to wet down his hair or put gel in it. You know that after his drunken and bigoted, egomaniacal rant his hair was sticking straight up and his bald spot was totally obvious. Notice how he has a few hairs strategically out of place so no one will be gossiping about his preferential treatment. The camera angle is good, but maybe that’s because it’s the Malibu cam. Since Mel Gibson “owns Malibu” I’m sure he gifted the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff station with a special camera and had some assistant explain the best angle to use for a headshot mug shot. Possibly the best part is his expression because he’s gone back into actor mode. His look says, “I know I’ve made a boo-boo but you’ll forgive me because I’m Mel-fucking-Gibson.” And you know what? He’s right, people will forgive him, even the Jews.

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